A random commentary on all aspects of design including architecture, art, graphics, photography, book design, industrial design, engineering and consumer goods – in other words most things that we see or use in our daily lives, and have used in the past.

I’m an architect and designer, thoroughly opinionated like most in my profession, and enthusiastic about anything I find beautiful or interesting like old Leicas or vintage boats, all kinds of motorcycles, contemporary bookbinding, and anything from Alessi! I enjoy a lot of current architecture and I love old oak-framed buildings. But there are far too many mediocre buildings and products, designed without any thought or care, which only add to the ugliness of our surroundings.

Design isn’t just about the narrow range of contemporary architecture, interiors, and products that you find in most journals. So I thought I would write occasionally about things that I like or dislike in the much wider world of design (past and present) that I am interested in, and you might not find anywhere else.

The header image shows part of the viewing side of a 1952 Leica 1f red dial, with a SBOOI 5cm viewfinder and FOKOS rangefinder clipped into the accessory shoes. The title typeface is Futura PT bold and the body type is Museo Sans.


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