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Dismal Designs – Nikon D5

In complete contrast to my previous post……. The grotesque looking D5 is the epitome¬†of everything I loathe about the current offering of DSLR cameras. It is the Mr Creosote* of cameras, a misshapen lump¬†with buttons, lids, and switches scattered at … Continue reading

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Delightful Designs – 1946 SIRIO Elettra II camera

As well as being a Leica fan I’m also intrigued by the many ‘Look-a-Leicas’ that mostly appeared in the decade after WW2. The launch of the first Leica in 1925 caused a sensation, changing the way people took photographs. Tens … Continue reading

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Golden Silver – The Beauty of Nickel Plate

Around the early 1930s shiny metal things began to look colder and brighter when chromium plating replaced the soft golden tones of nickel plate. You can clearly see the difference looking at these otherwise identical Leica Elmar lenses (if you … Continue reading

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